Lone Wolf Capital, A Registered Investment Advisor

Our Investement Philosophy

Great achievements start with a dream. A desire to go beyond what is expected. LoneWolfCapital.com is the website of Steven Hecht Investments, Inc. Here we understand that building financial wealth is a marathon not a sprint. It requires fortitude, patience and an alertness to the world's complexity where change is constant. The journey each of us take, as we pursue our aspirations, is unique. There are many uncertainties and course changes throughout one's life. Success and failure are often separated by a small degree. It is imperative that each of us have a trusted guide to navigate the financial waters. Steven Hecht Investments, Inc seeks to work with each client on an individualized basis to build a road to their dreams. The investment landscape is strewn with risk and opportunity. A high degree of successful investing is having the discipline to manage the psychological pendulum of fear and greed that exists in all of us. By focusing on each client separately, we seek to avoid being swept up in the maddening crowd mentality, and often take advantage of the shortsightedness of others. Far greater opportunity exists in being the "Lone Wolf" than running with the herd.

Is your financial future on the right track?

Attitude. Perception. Is the glass half full or is there a crack at the bottom that will soon drain it dry? A well known entertainment entrepreneur was once quoted on his approach to life as saying, "I've never been poor, only broke. Poor is a state of mind, broke is a temporary condition." Building financial wealth, if you are a millionaire or just entering the work force, is about attitude and perception. Lone Wolf Capital works with each client individually to ensure they are on the right track to achieve the financial future they desire.

Is your family's future provided for?

Life is unfair. There is often a cruel randomness at work. Bad things happen to good people and wicked people with equal abandon. Uncertainty exists, despite the best-laid plans. At Steven Hecht Investments, Inc we recognize the vicissitudes of life can appear without warning. While financial resources can never replace a loved one, it can provide the peace of mind that life will go on in a stable manner.

Do you know the feeling of financial security?

We believe that with uncertainty there is opportunity. By not running with the crowd, we seek to find the sunshine behind the black clouds others see. This strategy allows us to build wealth without dancing to the short-term fears and groupthink that victimize most investors. Being financially secure allows you to chart your own course rather than being dragged along by the tides of life.

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?" -Robert Browning